A Prayer

Yo mr dude in the heavens above, we just wanna say a few things, about this world, and thank you for them. Firstly we would like to thank you for Jay and Silent Bob, and while on the subject all of the Kevin Smith Movies, cos they fucking rule. They have helped me look at life in a new, and improved way, and heped me to become a better person. Snootch!!! Secondly i would like to thank you for disturbed, as they are the motherfucking best band in the entire motherfucking world (which is also quite cool by the way). Also i would like to thank you for the internet, it has provided me with illegal movies, programs, games, music and of course much pornography, aome of which is quite disturbing, but good al the same. Finally i wanna thank you for drugs, for it is by these which my life is most affected, Dude they rule.

The Snootchians